Our Featured Projects.

Thakkar's Bungalow.

This site is located in new nashik. Design was carved out after looking at primary requirements of urban house.

Goyal's Commercials.

This facade not only creates dramatic glance but contributes to the interior part of the building by creating different modulations of the exterior background for each individual block of office.

Narang's Bungalow

This site is located in Nashik in prime area near Gangapur road. In this project we tried to the evoke the emotions of linearity in design. we tried to merge straight lines with the organic gardens and landscaped areas within the site.  


Sawant's Residence.

As to tackle the client requirements with compact space withing bedrooms we came up with the idea of putting wardrobes on both sides of bed which increases the usable open area in bedroom and also beautifully covers the bed and creates the niche behind the bed for decoration.  




Fragment represents a portion of user interface in this space where we can combine multiple fragments in a single space to build a multiple use space and reuse the same fragment for its individual quality

Architecture Delicacy

C/39, Evershine apt.1, Four Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053.

36, Shree Krushna Nagar, Darwha road,

Yavatmal 445 001.


Contact information :

Mumbai     : 8600598696

Yavatmal   : 8806488080

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