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About us

The firm Architecture Delicacy,  Founded in 2017, has developed comprehensive backgrounds in all phases of production, construction and administration, including client-architect-contractor relationships from project inception to completion.

Architecture Delicacy is determined, with quality, excellence, and consistency to provide a full range of Architectural, Engineering, Interior and Project Management services to its clients keeping in mind cost effectiveness, optimum energy savings and environmental considerations.

The firm’s professionals and consultants are committed to helping you achieve results. The only way we meet these objectives is by listening, developing and implementing shared ideas. We reach beyond the obvious and predictable to ask more probing questions, seek more thorough answers, and suggest more effective alternatives.

It is this concept of working together with our clients, combined with our commitment and concern for their financial success that they respect, trust and recommend.

Our Team.

Aniruddha Khare


Tel: 9022260542

Sahil shah 


Tel:  8600598696

Chetan Patel


Tel: 8390555110

Vikas Rathod 


Tel: 8806488080

Salman Chauhan 


Tel: 9987495787

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